Newbury Firearm Sales and Training

Plum Island Lighthouse

Plum Island Lighthouse

We love our Newbury customers and appreciate the opportunity to offer Newbury firearm training courses! We are members of your community, so if you see us exploring the Plum Island Lighthouse or the Spencer – Pierce – Little Farm, feel free to say hello! Chances are we will beat you to it! After spending time answering questions, training, and educating, we get to know our customers.

Baystate Firearms offers a variety of services to our customers including firearm transfers and firearm consignment. If your firearm needs to be transferred in or out of state, we will complete the transfer, background checks, and registration quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, we will help you sell your firearm. Check out our consignment policy if you’d like us to take on the responsibility for you! Baystate Firearms will also BUY your firearm. If you’re looking to sell your used firearm, stop by our store and we will make you an offer.

Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm

Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm, Newbury, Massachusetts

The Baystate Firearms Difference

Unlike other firearm sales and training centers, Baystate Firearms has a Massachusetts licensed attorney on staff to assist you with licensing and/or other legal matters. For example: if your firearm is being held at a storage facility or police department due to a restraining order or other legal matter, we can help.

Newbury firearm sales and training offered by Baystate Firearms and Training

Baystate Firearms and Training

If you’re looking to purchase a new or used firearm, this is the place for you. We value our customers and work hard to make sure each person who walks through our door receives the attention they deserve. We strive to leave no question unanswered. Baystate Firearms aims to positively influence the community’s perception of firearms by having experienced professionals and licensed instructors teach Newbury firearm training courses. We have been providing excellent customer service to our friends and neighbors in Newbury and the Massachusetts North Shore since opening in 2014.


Great place. Found it by accident near my house when grabbing a part for my truck next door. Great people and awesome customer service. Good inventory. Going to another store to take back my deposit for a shield 40 and going there to buy it. They set my sights on my sd9 for free. They have earned my business.
David Pacheco
Published: 12/28/2016

Just had them install new sights and new trigger on my M&P Shield. The service was both affordable and expedient! My go-to gun shop.
Cody Ryan
Published: 01/19/2017

Beautiful Newbury, Massachusetts

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