Handgun Sales Regulations for Massachusetts

  • A firearm (handgun) must be on the active Approved Roster and authorized by the AG’s Office under 940 CMR 16.00 before we can sell a firearm in Massachusetts.
  • If the firearm is on the Approved Roster but not authorized by the AG’s Office then, the firearm has to have been manufactured before the cutoff date in 1998 before we can sell it.
  • If the firearm is not on the Approved Roster, it isn’t approved by the AG’s Office. The firearm would have to be; manufactured before the cutoff date in 1998 and have been registered to a Massachusetts (firearm) Licensee before the gun can be sold. Proof of Massachusetts registration is by possession of the original FA10 registration form that has been required by law since 1968.

Handguns that are Massachusetts Compliant

Handguns must meet the requirement of the 1998 Gun Control Laws and the 940 CMR Consumer Protection regulations. A list of Massachusetts Compliant firearms can be located on the EOPPS Roster here:

Although Glocks are on the roster, they do not meet the 940 CMR 16.00 Consumer Protection regulations and can only be sold to ACTIVE Law Enforcement Officers with right of arrest. A Police Department issued Identification must be present for the purchase.

Firearms that are banned in Massachusetts

We can no longer sell or transfer any AR or AK types of firearms as of July 20, 2016 in accordance with the Attorney Generals Enforcement Notice. This notice also includes copies or duplicates of any caliber of the following:

  • Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK) (all models)
  • Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil
  • Beretta Ar70 (SC-70)
  • Colt AR-15
  • Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR and FNC
  • SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9 and M-12
  • Steyr AUG
  • INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22
  • revolving cylinder shotguns, such as, or similar to, the Street Sweeper and Striker 12

If you have any questions regarding the sale or transfer of a particular firearm, please contact the Office of the Attorney General, or review the enforcement notice at:

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