Manufacturer: High Standard
MFG P/N: Supermatic Trophy
Caliber: .22 LR
Barrel:7-1/2 Inch Fluted Barrel
Stock/Grips: Wood
Sights: Adjustable
Safety: Thumb
Caliber: .22LR
Grips:  Wood

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This High Standard Supermatic Trophy was produced in 1972-1973 and includes an additional Barrel

The evolutionary successor to the 106 series. This series had the frame redesigned to eliminate the plugging of the spring hole produced with the old tooling. The earliest 107 series pistols were marked “MODEL 107 / MILITARY” and the serial number on the roght side of the frame..About 1972, the “MODEL 107” and “MILITARY” markings on the frame weres deleted and then later the word “MILITARY” reappeared near the end of the end of the traditional serial number series. The “MILITARY” marking is absent from the guns with the ML prefixed serial numbers.. There is no premium associated with these variations. These markings changers were not a changs in design series only a change in markings. The serial numbers of later guns produced after mid 1975 utilized a new serial numbering system. The Military models utilized a”ML” prefix on the serial number. Early production utilized the red bottomed magazines. Later guns had a blued steel bottom. The 107 series was produced from 1968 until 1981. Production at Hamden, CT 1968 to 1976. At East Hartford 1976 to 1982. Guns with serial numbers above ML 25,000 are manufactured in East Hartford. Guns before ML 29,xxx were made by the Leisure Group and guns made after ML 29,xxx were made by High Standard Inc.

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