About Us

Baystate Firearms and Training is a family owned business that we created to fill a void in the firearms industry.  My wife Shannon and I set out with a mission to provide a comfortable environment for both new and experienced shooters and to offer a wide range of products and educational opportunities to meet every customer’s individual needs.  In addition, we hope to positively influence our community’s perception of firearms, by providing high quality training and educational experiences lead by experienced, professional, certified. instructors.

In addition, personal protection and preparedness are issues that are in the minds of many.  The box stores and other firearms stores that have been around for decades lacked a comfortable feel and welcoming atmosphere.  We strive to provide an experience where our customers can discuss common concerns without being viewed as “alarmists.”  We also provide a place where customers can have access to high quality products, can ask questions and can spend the time to find the product that is just the right fit.  Most avid shooters know what they are looking for, those in the law enforcement field know what they need, but those new to the sport, may not know what they need.  Our mission was to establish a place that was not only knowledgable for those who do know, but was approachable for those who don’t know,  a place where the average citizen, man or woman, can be comfortable in asking questions, can explore in a relaxed environment and can shop in a clean, friendly, well-lit comfortable place.

We are here for the experienced shooter, for a woman who wants to learn more about personal defense, for a family who wants to enjoy shooting sports together and for everyone in between.

We look forward to serving you and providing the best customer service possible, and if there is a product we don’t carry, a class we don’t offer or a question we can’t answer, let us know and we will find the answer, develop a course or try to find a product for you.  Come check us out, once you do, we are certain you will have found your new go-to place!

Meet  the Staff

Ray Barnes


I opened Baystate Firearms in 2014 to provide a missing crucial service in today’s firearm shops, Customer Service. My vision is to provide the absolute best customer service in a clean, bright and welcoming environment.  Being a Veteran of both the US Navy and US Army as well as a Law Enforcement Officer, I understand the need for quality products. We are here to serve our customers fairly and equally whether you are new to the sport or a veteran. If I can be of service, please feel free to contact me.

Ray Barnes "Junior"


Ray has been with Baystate Firearms since we opened in 2014. Ray has shown his enthusiasm of the shooting sport and shows it in his customer service. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and is willing to go the extra mile for you. Ray can be reached at 978-536-4400 or at rbarnes@baystatefirearms.com

Russ Miller


Russ joined our team shortly after our opening. He has an extensive knowledge of firearms and has worked in several other firearm shops on the northshore. Russ and his son Andrew have become a solid team on Sundays. With Russ’s knowledge of older and unique firearms, he has proven to be an asset to us. Russ can be reached at 978-536-4400

Kasha Fonzo


Kasha joined our team as our Digital Media Strategist, but will also be assisting with Part Time Sales. Kasha enjoys the shooting sport and brings a new dimension to our family. Kasha can be reached at 978-536-4400

Kevin Gill


Kevin has recently joined our team as a Part Time Sales Associate. Kevin is an avid shooter and enjoys the shooting sport and we welcome his knowledge and customer service skills. Kevin can be reached at 978-536-4400

Nick Monahan


Nick joined our team in 2017 and has become a welcome addition. Nick enjoys the shooting sport and continues to educate himself and trains frequently to provide you with the best service available. Nick can be reached at 978-536-4400

Kerry Hayward


Kerry joined our family in 2017 and has undertaken the process of reviewing and enforcing our ATF compliance program. In addition to her administrative duties, Kerry will occasionally assist on the sales floor and engages with our customers with her welcoming nature. Kerry can be reach at 978-536-4400 or khaward@baystatefirearms.com

Lori Kelfer


Lori is our most recent addition to the team. Lori’s primary responsibility is Accounts Payable and Receivable. She will also be assisting with our online sales. Lori can be reached at lkelfer@baystatefirearms.com

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Since it's opening, the owner, staff, and family have been absolutely outstanding! Everyone here is and always been extremely respectful, nice and very knowledgeable.I have trained here, bought many items, weapons, accessories, and occasionally drop by just to say hi. The staff will do whatever they can to help you.Thank You Baystate Firearms!
Christopher Dullea
great people ,explain everything they can,, please visit them they will help you in any way they can
Donna A Henken
Thank you Baystate Firearms for standing up against State Attorney General Maura Healey’s 2016 “enforcement action”
Michael Dugas
Sold a firearm here on consignment. Staff was friendly, location seemed to get walk in business so it seemed like it was worth a shot. They told me they charge 18% commission. Left the firearm with them, and then didn't hear anything for a month. When I finally decided to go take it back, I went into the store and was told it sold at some point but they didn't know when. No communication with me. I was told I had to wait until the first of the month for my check, but I could come in that day to pick it up.Came in on the 1st, no check, but they told me it would be ready later and they'd call me. No communication, so I called back the next day and that told me the same. Day three, I called and now they had mailed the check that I told them I would pick up in person.When I finally received my check, 21% had been taken out. Despite the salesman telling me it was 18% commission, this apparently did not include a 3% fee for the buyer paying by credit card, which was not a negligible amount on the price of my firearm. Gave these guys a chance despite having good luck with a nearby competitor. Won't make that mistake again.
Emanuel Soumas
Great shop with great service. Will definitely shop there again
Vincent DeAngelis
My first time visiting this shop, I was very impressed. It is clean, nice selection, and bright. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It may become my top shop.
John Paul Salvaggio
Professional staff,patient, and friendly. Knowledgeable with attention to every detail. I wont shop anywhere else for firearms, accessories or instruction. Love it here!
Cath Fonzo
Recently purchased a Canik TP9SF and a S&W 40 shield both great prices with awesome services. Make sure to subscribe to the emails to get sale updates! Great customer service!Recently bought my Ruger SR9 there and the workers were exceptionally great. Always willing to help and very knowledgeable. Great inventory and great sales from time to time. Sign up for there email subscription!
Alex Solano
Gun Safety Course was fantastic, much more than anticipated. Ray is a great instructor. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a LTC.
Christine Cousins
Great place for the basic firearms trainng. Great firearm instructor.
Julio A Ramirez
This class is excellent and Ray is a great instructor. We look forward to the next class about home defense!
Jaime Oesterle
No pressure to buy, very friendly workers, fully knowledged with all items sold. It was a pleasure shopping here. I totally recommend to all.
Maria Riley
A relative referred me here and told me how helpful and all around wonderful the staff is. I met three gentlemen here and I absolutely concur. They made me even more excited and they answered every single one of my questions without hesitation.
Kayla-Marie LaFrazia
Highly recommended the BFSC was spot on, very informal of the laws and safety of guns and gun ownership! I plan on doing business with them in the near future! P
Joey Despres
My first time in the shop was yesterday for the Basic Safety Training Course. Prior to the course I was able to speak with Ray Jr., who was beyond helpful with my questions regarding licensing etc. I was very impressed by the amount of stock they carried in the shop, along with accessories. Im very happy to have found a great local shop and will continue to go here for all purchases. A breathe of fresh air to see superior knowledge, great prices, clean shop and training all under one roof. Thank you for the warm welcome!:)
Paul Ledoux
Outstanding service! friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of weapons and gear. Bought my M&P Shield 9mm there and upgraded the trigger WHILE I WAITED!
Jim Boston Doc Slattery
Just had them install new sights and new trigger on my M&P Shield. The service was both affordable and expedient! My go-to gun shop.
Cody Ryan
Great place. Found it by accident near my house when grabbing a part for my truck next door. Great people and awesome customer service. Good inventory. Going to another store to take back my deposit for a shield 40 and going there to buy it. They set my sights on my sd9 for free. They have earned my business. Screw 4 seasons
David Pacheco
Great Experience, in a world where customer service matters these guys get it. Not everyone walks into a gun store knowing everything, let alone anything. Thanks for the time explaining and taking me through my first purchase. Highly recommended and will be back for more!
Kenneth Greer
Went to baystate Firearms this Morning! Drew took care of me, he was very helpful in helping me with a handgun purchase.took the time to go over everything I needed to know and more! Great shop! Top Service! Will get my business along with my family's business! 5 stars guys! Thk U.. Bill Surette
Sabrina Surette
Great people. Very helpful any knowledgeable . I would give five stars if they had more inventory . But in time I'm sure they will.
Gary Abramson
Recently took my basic firearms safety course here, and the staff was great! They are attentive and knowledgeable, and Gerry's class was engaging. The time flew by. Ray is a stand up guy, and they will treat you right. 5/5
Todd Hynes
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ray, was great and made the basic safety class far more interesting and enjoyable than I'd expected and really took the time to answer all the questions.
Mike Mills
Great place to buy guns and accesories. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Ralph Grava
Excellent staff and very competitive pricing. Their customer service is impeccable and cannot be beat at any cost. The inventory is well stocked and the staff will go out of the way to get you anything that isn't in on the shelf. They do not try to push on hand items and are not too cool to help you or answer questions. Best weapon buying experience ever.
Jamie Bower
Best time ever at Women only simulator shooting!!! Great group of Ladies. Ray is so full of knowledge, and thankfully; understanding with a sense of humor lol! I'll be buying my gun soon, and looking forward to more practice! Thank you so much!
Diane Marie
Great selection at competitive prices! By chance I walked in during a 20% off ammo event. Loaded up! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Believe I found my new gun store!
Frank Rivera
Awesome people very knowledgable. Prices are very good. I will be back to use the simulator
Maria Guarino D'Esposito
first experience in the store over the weekend .... the best customer service especially as a new shopper to both the store and the gun world. Very knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful. Getting my business!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rais
Great staff and awesome range. I'd rather go here than water country! Thanks guys
Joe Archambault
Very helpful and polite staff. Was able to get what I needed in a timely fashion.
Robert Peachey Jr.
Very friendly and informative Staff!! We took the Safety course and it was also very informative and interesting!! I highly suggest even if you are just curious to check it out!!
MJ Burrell OConnell
First visit toady, very impressed. Ray, Dawn and the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be a regular customer for sure. Good luck on this new endeavor.
Kevin Gill
Really had a great informative time in class. I thought I would feel intimidated but I left feeling informed and relaxed! Thanks Ray!
Kimber Morin
Great LTC course. Very informative as well as having a great presenter. Recommend for anyone looking to get licensed!
Jake Mossman
This was an amazingly informative class, and the hours went fast! Ray is a great teacher and i would recommend him and this program to anyone who wants to learn the right and correct way to protect yourself, in and outside of your house!
Lauren Furlong