Baystate Firearms Training offers classes to suit all of your needs, including our Basic Firearm Safety class which satisfies the Massachusetts State Police firearm safety requirements. The Home Firearm Safety class is scheduled several times weekly for your convenience. For the ladies that would feel more comfortable and prefer an all-woman setting, we offer a special Ladies-only class.


If you are looking to apply for your Massachusetts License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card, this class is for you.

This is a four-hour course for safe gun handling that is conducted in the classroom only and taught by our Massachusetts State approved Instructors. Each student is taught the rules of safe gun handling, the parts and nomenclature of various firearms, how to safely operate various firearms, ammunition and its components, cleaning and care, safe storage of firearms in the home and Massachusetts law regarding firearms. Students will receive their Massachusetts State Police approved course completion certificate at the end of the course.

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There is a real sense of pride associated with building your own rifle. However, not all of us have the knowledge, skills or experience to do that. For that reason we offer the course, Do it yourself AR-15 Build Class.

Our build your own AR workshop is a comprehensive class for the novice AR-15 builder. You will completely assemble an AR-15 from all of the components in your kit, and will build your AR-15 from the ground up. While building your rifle, you will learn how to customize, maintain, repair, and build the AR platform rifle.

We will build the AR15 rifles chambered .223/5.56. These rifles will be assembled by you from the new parts provided. This is not a leisurely-paced class, but each step in the process will be explained and supervised.

At the end of the class, each student will complete the Federal 4473 and Massachusetts registration and leave with their rifle in hand. If you are a non-resident, you may have your rifle shipped to an FFL of your choosing, for transfer to you.


No tools are required to take this class, everything needed to build your rifle will be provided! The only prerequisite for this class is a basic knowledge of firearms and firearm safety.

Length of Class

The class will be approximately 6 hours in length

Your AR-15 Package includes

  • Forged or Billet lower and upper receiver
  • All Upper and lower assembly parts
  • 16 Inch Barrel, with Muzzle Brake
  • Handguard
  • Mil Spec Stock
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This was an amazingly informative class, and the hours went fast! Ray is a great teacher and i would recommend him and this program to anyone who wants to learn the right and correct way to protect yourself, in and outside of your house!

Lauren Furlong


Work in a private or semi-private setting with a certified instructor in our state of the art firearms simulator.  You will learn the basics of shooting including stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press and breathing. You will also be instructed on basic firearms safety, proper eye and ear protection, safe handling of all firearms, and the fundamentals of shooting in a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment

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This is a private or semi-private handgun instruction at a shooting range for adults over the age of 21.  We offer this session for individuals from no experience, to those individuals that are experienced firearms enthusiasts.

Beginners will receive training on the most common range rules, regulations, and methods.  You will also learn the mechanics of shooting various caliber handguns at various distances.   If you already have your LTC or FID card you are welcome to bring your own firearm.

We encourage all new firearm owners to build comfort, skill, and responsibility that should go hand in hand with gun ownership by joining us for live fire training.

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JIM MARKOWSKI, D/B/A Advanced Tactics & Firearms LLC, and in conjunction with both Baystate Firearms & Training and On Target Firearms Training, will present a Citizens Awareness Workshop regarding an Active Shooter incident.

The presentation will provide attendees various definitions per DHS, FBI, NYPD and NTOA regarding an Active Shooter/Workplace Violence type of event.  The presentation will also provide the expected law enforcement priorities of life for such an ongoing event.  The presentation will further include discussion on the expected law enforcement response to such event in both a dynamic as well as static mode and the necessary law enforcement gear/resources to maintain an edge over the suspect(s).  Attendees will receive instruction regarding what to expect should the worst case scenario occur.

The presentation will discuss prior active shooter events and comment on characteristics of such events; the locations of prior events; the type of weapons used in prior events; the number of attackers and the final resolution to such events. Lessons Learned from prior events will be discussed and stressed; that such an incident can happen anywhere.

The presentation further includes the Sheepdog analogy regarding individuals who are sheepdogs, those who are sheep and the attacker – the wolf.  Each person will react differently.  Attendees will be advised to PATD (Pay Attention to Detail) when out and about in public as well as when performing their daily mission.

The presentation will include discussion on the OODA LOOP – Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act for such events.  Attendees will be advised to formulate individual plans (situational awareness) prior to any future event.  Plan for what you see, hear and smell and react.  BE VIGILANT. Be cognizant of your surroundings and what is going on.

The presentation will also discuss the role of Security Officers, both armed and unarmed in such an incident.

The presentation will stress that the real first responders for such an incident are those that are on scene.  The decision to react to such an incident is a personal decision and one alone makes that decision based on the totality of the circumstances facing them. Options for individual consideration will be discussed.

The presentation will emphasize that should an active shooter event arise on the campus/workplace area/general public location, the initial responders, other than the true first responders ( those involved and those on site), will be the armed Security Officers/armed law enforcement and what to consider doing and not doing.  The presentation brings home the point that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

The presentation will discuss considerations for those who lawfully carry concealed for self-defense in such incident.  THIS IS NOT A LIVE FIRE TRAINING EVENT.

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