Firearm Consignment Policy

Baystate Firearms and the consignee of the firearm shall agree on the minimum acceptable sales price of the firearm. The value of the firearm shall be fair and reasonable based on the Blue Book of Firearm Values and the fair market value. The charge for selling a firearm is 18% of the final sale price and  due when the firearm is sold.  Additionally  the consignee assumes the cost of the Credit Cards fees of an additional 2% if it was used to purchase the firearm.
If the firearm fails to sell, and you decide to pick up your firearm  you must be properly licensed in Massachusetts. You will also be required to fill out a Federal Form 4473,  pass a Federal NICS Background Check and have the firearm registered to you.  There is a $30.00  transfer fee for these services.

Handgun Sales Regulations for Massachusetts

  • A firearm (handgun) must be on the Approved Roster and authorized by the AG’s Office before we can sell a firearm in Massachusetts.
  • If the firearm is on the Approved Roster  but not authorized by the AG’s Office then, the firearm has to have been manufactured before the cut off date in 1998 before we can sell it.
  • If the firearm is not on the Approved Roster, it isn’t approved by the AG’s Office. The firearm would have to be; manufactured before the cut off date in 1998 and have been registered to a Massachusetts (firearm) Licensee before the gun can be sold. Proof of Massachusetts registration is by possession of the original FA10 registration form that has been required by law since 1968.