Firearms Simulator offers real life firearms training for everybody

Baystate Firearms and Training
Firearms Simulator Offers Real Life Training for Everybody
For some time, police departments have been using firearms simulators to train officers.  Simulators are
used in place of live fire for a variety of reasons, including cost and environmental factors.  Baystate
Firearms and Training now offers this technology to the general public.  The simulator is geared towards
everybody: both beginner and advanced shooters.
For experienced shooters we offer versatility and a range of experiences.   A live fire range is very
limiting.  At many ranges you can only shoot paper targets and are prohibited from shooting from a
holster or other positions.  With the simulator, your experience is not limited to paper targets, nor is it
limited to a fixed position.  The firearms simulator allows for moving targets, steel targets, shoot/no
shoot scenarios and practice from a variety of positions: holstered position, low light situations, and
practice while kneeling, prone or crouching.  This makes the experience perfect for more advanced
For beginners, the simulator allows inexperienced shooters to become familiar with real weapons in a
safe and controlled environment.  The real firearms are equipped with lasers and CO2 to provide a
realistic experience complete with recoil.   A beginner can gain confidence before taking the next step to
a live fire range.
The Baystate Firearms simulator is cost effective and time efficient.  In order to practice at a live fire
range, you must buy ammunition, which is often in short supply or cost prohibitive.  In addition,
following your live fire experience, you must clean and maintain the firearms.  With the simulator, you
do not have the cost of ammunition and your valuable time won’t be spent cleaning and storing your firearms when you are done.
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